Technical University of Munich

Subproject 1:

Project coordination; conceptual model; ecosystem functions; development of conditioning for infiltration waters; experimental parameterization of storages; hydrochemistry; numerical modeling (hydrogeochemistry, transport); groundwater quality assurance; risk assessment

Deggendorf Institute of Technology

Subproject 2:

Measurement networks; data collection; development of noninvasive monitoring; evaluation of measurement data; economic evaluation of storages; risk assessment


Reinhard Brodrecht

Christian Tomsu

Matthias Falk

Subproject 3:

Development of measuring network; numerical modeling of small-scale storages (surface water, hydraulics); conceptual design and construction supervision of the structural facilities of the storages; together with the strategic partner REHAU AG: development, conditioning and monitoring of infiltration water; extension of the smartRigole concept

AQUASOIL Ingenieure & Geologen GmbH

Dr. Frank Wenderoth

Dr. Jörn Bartels

Peter Schätzl

Subproject 4:

Development of geotechnical solutions; numerical modeling of large-scale storages (hydraulics, transport)

Prof. Dr. Willy Spannowsky

Responsible for:

Legal assessment